Gibraltar GPSBSZ Pro-Fit LX Snare Bag - 14" x 6.5"

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Gibraltar’s Pro-Fit LX is a high end snare drum bag designed to protect your snare as well as carry any back up accessories that can be needed for a snare or drum kit. A plush interior is lined with 1.4” thick foam for increased support. The front exterior of the bag has an accessory pocket that can be used to carry a back up drum head, pair of sticks, and smaller parts and accessories. It is also equipped with a name tag holder and two wheeler mounting strap for traveling. The Pro-Fit LX comes with two carrying options; a Comfort Grip handle with extra padding, and a shoulder strap.


  • GPSBSZ Pro-Fit LX Snare Bag
  • Lined with 1.4” thick foam and plush interior
  • Name tag holder and two-wheeler mounting strap for traveling
  • Two carrying options Comfort Grip padded handle, and shoulder strap
  • Accommodates up to 6.5” x 14” drums
  • Accessory pockets to fit spare snare drum head, 1pr of sticks, small accessories and parts for snare and drum set

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Gibraltar Pro-Fit LX Snare Drum Bag, GPSBSZ and GPSBCZ

Gibraltar Pro-Fit LX Snare Drum Bag, GPSBSZ and GPSBCZ

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