Accolay - Concerto No.1 in A Minor for Violin and Piano

Βιβλίο για Βιολί και Πιάνο

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Διαθέσιμο. Αποστολή σε 2-3 εργάσιμες
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Jean Baptiste Accolay’s Concerto in A minor is also a standard work for violin classes. Its fascination lies in its expressiveness which is created by the simplest technical means.The series “ Bärenreiter’s Easy Concertos” is edited by Kurt Sassmannshaus , the internationally-renowned violin teacher and co-author of the Sassmannshaus violin school tradition.His forewords introduce these little gems and include tips for successful first concerts. The editions form an ideal continuation of the Sassmannshaus violin school tradition; they can be used in parallel from the third volume onwards or alongside any violin method. The editions contain a solo violin part and a piano reduction for the accompanist.The series will be continued and will introduce the student to more demanding repertoire with an increasing level of difficulty.     Pages: 12Language: German, English, FrenchPublisher: Barenreiter

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