MusicLand ST-29D Fisher Spherical Diamond 7314 Replacement STY-147 | Κεφαλές / Βελόνες Πικάπ

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 076790 SKU: ST29D
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MusicLand ST-29D Fisher Spherical Diamond 7314 Replacement STY-147 | Κεφαλές / Βελόνες Πικάπ

<b>Replacement stylus for  AIWA , SHARP turntables  and more.</b> <span class="">Quality aftermarket replacement turntable needle</span> <strong><span class="">Specs:</span></strong> <span class=""> Spherical Diamond Tip needle 0.7 mil </span> <span class=""> Tracking Force: 1.5 - 2.5 grams </span>16 or 33 or 45rpm NOT for 78rpm <span class=""> Stylus Color: Red </span> ST 29D SANYO (6883) = ST 29D FISHER (7314) Works with: <strong>Sanyo – Fisher</strong> STG-9, ST-44D, Sanyo ST44D, Sanyo ST-G11, Sanyo ST-G9, Sanyo ST-G11, Sanyo ST-G9, Sanyo G2005, GXT200, GXT210, P73, STG10, STG11, STG9, STG9, STG10, STG11, W73. Sanyo Cartridges: MG-9, Sanyo MG-1710, Sanyo MG-9, Sanyo MG-17, Sanyo MG-10 Fisher Cartridges M-1510, IM-1510, Fisher MG-9, Fisher MG-10, Fisher R-S07450, Sharp STY-147, Sharp STY-148, Sharp STY-149, Sharp STY-147, Sharp STY-149, Sharp STY-149, Sharp 203EF, 570EE, RP201E, STY 147 STY149, STY143, STY147, STY149, STY161, 190E, 201E, 203E, 570E, RP210E, RP8H. Cartridges Sharp 143. Toshiba N-77C, PX-10, PXE-10, PX-220, V-200, V-200L, V-210, V-R100, V-W100, V-S30, AN-10, AN-20, AN-10, Toshiba PX-10 Toshiba PX-220, Toshiba V200, Toshiba V-200L, Toshiba V-R100, Toshiba V-W100, Toshiba V-S30, Toshiba N77C, SLX1, X1, N51D, N50D, N51D, Cartridges Toshiba C-77. Denon DSN-57, EV 3095D, Nagatron CN-104, Nagatron CN-106, Nagaoka C501M_P, C502M-P< C503M-P, C51M, C55M, NT500M Aiwa AN10, AN20, B200, PX220, PXE10, PXE30, V100, V200, V2100, Aiwa AN-10, Aiwa AN-20. Amstrad CD1000, CD2000, CN213, TS90, TS99 CEC CN104, CN106, CN211, CN213, CN220, CN221 Chuo Denki CN104, CN106, CN211, CN213, CN220, CN221 Columbia DSN57, DSN66 Japan Columbia DSN57, DSN66 Darling M22, Denon DSN57, DSN6 Grundig 404 Goldring Elektra D125E Harksound CN104, CN106, CN211, CN213, CN220, CN221 KEnwood N-51MKIII, V-51 Optonica 201E, 203E, 203EF, 570E, 570EE, RP201E, RP210E, RP8H, STY143, STY147, STY149, STY161 Otto G2005, GXT200, GXT210, P73, STG10, STG11, STG9, W73 Piezo YM818 Saisho SCM8000L, VIP1100L Samsung SCM8000L, SCM8100, VIP330L, VIP550L Sansui MIDI35, PR500 Tatung TMD5701, TXT5000 Thompson M22 <strong>…</strong>Record Turntable Needle For NEEDLES FISHER STG-10, PFANSTIEHL 736-D7, SANYO, STG=10, SANYO STG-11, SANYO STG11   These are high-quality replacement styluses that are in no way inferior to the original. Note: Please identify your stylus from the illustrations. The designations differ considerably depending on the manufacturer and only refer to the most commonly used types. The color is not decisive, it is important that the design matches.  

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