The Joan Baez Songbook | Συλλογές

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The Joan Baez Songbook | Συλλογές

66 τραγούδια της Joan Baez
Δείγμα παρτιτούρας
1Wagoner' s lad
2Man constant sorrow
3Lady Mary
4The water is wide
5Black is the color
6Once I had a sweetheart
7I never will marry
8East Virginia
9I once loved a boy
10Queen of hearts
11Fare thee well
12Come all ye fair and tender maidens
14Henry martin
15Mary Hamilton
17Barbara Allen
18The unquiet grave
19The cherry tree carol
20Lady gay
21House carpenter
22Matty Groves
23Once I knew a pretty girl
24Silver dagger
25The trees they do grow high
28Rake and rambling boy
30John Riley
31Willie Moore
32Railroad boy
33The Lily of the west
34Banks of the Ohio
35Rambler gambler
36House of the rising sun
37Ranger' s command
38Long black veil
39Railroad Bill
40Pretty boy Floyd
41Copper kettle
42Wildwood flower
43Lonesome road
44Old blue
45All my trials
47Hallowed be thy name
48Twelve gates to the city
49Virgin Mary
50We are crossing Jordan river
51Somebody got lost in a storm
52We shall overcome
53Hush little baby
54Battle hymn of the republic
55Amazing grace
56Portland town
57Danger waters
58Where have all the flowers gone
59The tramp on the street
60Three fishers
61Donna Donna
62What have they done to the rain?
63Annabel Lee
64Babe I' m gonna leave you
65Last night I had the strangest dream
66Plaisir d' amour

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